From elegant to cutting-edge design

Mary Gannon Design values individuality, which is why we don’t have a house style. Instead, we offer a flexible, one-to-one service that translates your aspirations into an inspirational and intelligent interior that reflects your passions, personality and lifestyle.

We appreciate that everyone has different requirements, so whether you want us to refresh a room or guide you through a lengthy refurbishment, we have the skill, expertise and experience to make sure it happens on time and within budget.

How we work with you

Interior design is all about trust, so at Mary Gannon Design we spend time getting to know you. During a series of relaxed meetings we will discuss all aspects of the project, from budget to how best we can work together. There is no fee for the introductory meeting.

Mary Gannon Design covers the following services:

  • Interior design, including full or part refurbishment
  • Furniture restoration
  • Soft furnishings, including handmade curtains and tiebacks, handmade cushions and throws, furniture upholstery and headboards
  • Bespoke furniture design