Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Mad Hatter Tea Party Photo Shoot with Helen Oxenbury

It was one of the most highly anticipated, ‘don’t miss’ kids’ events of the year but there was no need to fall down a rabbit hole to find our way there as the fun all took place at Woodchester Mansion in Gloucestershire an unfinished gothic masterpiece abandoned mid-construction back in 1873. There have been rumors of ghosts and hauntings ever-since...

We literally couldn’t have found a better place to launch our new Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland range, had the Mad Hatter and the March Hare themselves invited us around for tea.

Of course, not everyone believes in fairytales and ghost stories. The no-nonsense caretaker was having none of it. But try telling that to his dog, who refused to enter certain rooms in the mansion the entire time he lived there.

Onward we marched. Were we going on a ghost hunt? Uh-uh! Rooms! Dark, spooky rooms! – we’re not scared!

Hang on a second;
we’ve slipped into the wrong Helen Oxenbury illustration

Right, let’s get back to Wonderland.

"Curiouser and Curiouser" Look who joined us. Helen
Oxenbury herself! Her fantastical Alice illustrations
adorn our furniture and cushions and it was an honour
to have her along to our tea party.

cake. Mainly cake. But glorious
all the same…

Freya and Sebastian get down to the
task at hand. Where’s that Dormouse
when you need him?

Bob is bushed after all that partying.
Time for a nap and a story with Ella.

Planning your own themed event?

There are a number of theatres willing to hire out props and costumes for events and their rates are very reasonable. We loaned our eclectic headwear from the National Theatre.

You’ll need to be well prepared and give plenty of advance notice but it’s easy to make an appointment and a vast array of wonderful costumes and props are ready and waiting for you.

Eat Me?

And the cakes. Oh the cakes! Gabi Marx was entirely responsible for every calorie of our deliciously dreamy, magically munchy cupcakes. Check out her website to see more examples of her artful handiwork.

A huge 'thank you' also goes to I Love Gorgeous who kindly loaned us their enchanting finery...

Finally, photography and styling by Jake and Lou Eastham of – you are an indispensable part of our team.

Right – must dash – I’m late, I’m late…