Mary Gannon was approached by the design-conscious residents at Woodchester Valley Village in the Cotswolds to transform the retirement community’s communal areas into comfortable spaces that would not look out of place in an elegant boutique hotel. The resulting interior design is a blend of natural materials, rich textures and earthy colours, with particular emphasis on products made by manufacturers and craftsmen working in the local area. Woodchester Valley Village hit the headlines in January 2014 following the impressive efforts of its residents, who spent three years fighting to rescue their village after the collapse of its commercial owner. The spirit of Woodchester’s residents, coupled with their refusal to sacrifice style for function, is what ultimately defined Mary’s design.

“A fun experience,” wrote The Daily Telegraph of the spectacular Jimi Hendrix Suite created by Mary Gannon in collaboration with legendary graphic designer Andie Airfix for The Cumberland hotel in London. Rather than slavishly follow sixties design, Mary has reworked elements of the style and introduced a sense of fun in homage to Hendrix’s endearing sense of humour. Standout features include lovingly sourced vintage fabrics, a limited edition hand-stitched leather sofa, and floor-to-ceiling fibre optic light. Hung on the wall is a Flying V guitar, sourced and customised by Andie Airfix to replicate the one Hendrix hand-painted for his European tour in 1967-68. Tying the psychedelic scheme together is a swirl of hand-painted colourful stripes, carefully chosen to epitomise the spirit of the time, the man and his music.

Located in one of London’s fashionable postcodes, this luxurious family home is a lesson in elegant simplicity. A restrained colour palette provides a neutral backdrop to the sophisticated furnishings, showing off the client’s vibrant art collection to its best advantage. The pièce de résistance is the extension, given over to an open-plan living and dining space that capitalises on the light flooding in through the floor-to-ceiling windows. “We played with textures in the extension, teaming a smooth polished plaster wall at one end with a rippled polished plaster wall at the other,” explains Mary Gannon. “We then offset the polished plaster with a smooth limestone floor.” Comfort comes in textured fabrics, from stunning pleated silks by Bruno Triplet to mohairs with thick weaves. “Perhaps my favourite feature is the bespoke light installation by Bruce Munro that we suspended over the dining table,” continues Mary. “I can’t imagine a better way to make mealtimes extra special.”

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